The products typical of Lake Trasimeno and its environs: legumes and fish, olive oil and wine, bread, pasta, meat and cured meats made in keeping with the centuries-old traditions of Umbrian cuisine. Find out more about the local products and explore the areas where they are grown, the places where you can sample and buy them.

The recipes of  Lake Trasimeno

Fagiolina Delight

Ingredients 200 g of Fagiolina del Trasimeno; 100 g almonds; ¼ lemon 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil; salt and pepper [...]

“Terzieri” Chicken

The Terzieri (districts) originated in the division of the medieval town of Città della Pieve into three parts. The Terzieri are [...]

  • salame del re umbro - lago trasimeno

Salame del Re Umbro

Salame del Re Umbro is one of the area’s best known desserts and a very popular treat in Umbria, especially [...]

Strufoli Perugini

 Recipe and photo by Marco Giudizio, Baker Strufoli are crispy fried balls of dough drizzled with honey that are very [...]

  • carpa regina in porchetta - lago trasimeno

Carpa Regina in Porchetta

Ingredients to serve 10 3kg Carpa regina 200g pork lard 50g sage 50g rosemary 10g fennel seeds 5g fennel flowers [...]

  • la fiorita - fagiolina e pesce del trasimeno

La fiorita

A recipe based on fagiolinas and Trasimeno lake fish, the flavours of Umbria’s great culinary tradition. Ingredients to serve 8-10: [...]

  • sugo anguilla del Trasimeno

Anguilla’s sauce

A main course or sauce for a pasta dish? A sauce with a distinct and pleasing flavour typical of the Lake [...]

  • fave dei morti umbre - lago Trasimeno

Fave dei Morti Umbre

Fave dei Morti, literally translated “Fava beans of the Dead,”  are simple and tasty almond biscuits made by many in [...]

Torciglione del Trasimeno

Torciglione del Trasimeno is a simple baked almond delicacy that is traditionally made in Umbria during the Christmas holiday season.  There [...]