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The vegetables


Loving care, a dish blessed with a myriad of colours and flavours To be added to your salads or used for making a great panzanella. For preparing fabulous creamy soups, vegetable minestrones and healthy side dishes: you can have the delicious fresh produce grown around the lake brought right to [...]

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Fagiolina, legumes, cereals


Tradition and natural flavours. Slow food at Lake Trasimeno Farro, barley, millet, chickpea, chickling, lentils and beans are among the most important crops grown in the Trasimeno area. They can be purchased directly from the farmers. Popular ingredients in local cuisine, they are served as accompaniments to fish and meat dishes, [...]

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The fish of Lake Trasimeno


The Lake’s bounty on your dinner plate Thanks to our able local fishermen, and their many years of experience, finding great fresh fish entirely processed by hand is quite normal. You can enjoy lake fish in your own home and amaze your guests with traditional recipes, fishburgers or other new ideas [...]

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Colli del Trasimeno’s wines


The wine has an enduring fullness that delights the palate and soul with flavour  (A. Fogazzaro) As a companion to summer meals in the garden, and to warm even the coldest of winter evenings, our wines are the ideal accompaniment at mealtime. Red wines are delicious with local cold cuts, pasta [...]

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