Fagiolina Delight


Ingredients 200 g of Fagiolina del Trasimeno; 100 g almonds; ¼ lemon 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to taste 1 garlic clove Very lightly toast the almonds until just barely golden brown. Let them cool and then put them in the mixer with a tablespoon of olive oil, the garlic clove [...]

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“Terzieri” Chicken


The Terzieri (districts) originated in the division of the medieval town of Città della Pieve into three parts. The Terzieri are seen as the three parts of the eagle, which in turn referred to the three social classes: the head was the Terziere Castello or the Class of the knights (Aristocracy), the belly was the [...]

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Salame del Re Umbro


Salame del Re Umbro is one of the area’s best known desserts and a very popular treat in Umbria, especially Perugia. Its roots go back in time, although no one really knows for sure when it was first made. It is thought to have come about first in Umbria, then spread north into Arezzo, [...]

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Strufoli Perugini


 Recipe and photo by Marco Giudizio, Baker Strufoli are crispy fried balls of dough drizzled with honey that are very popular in Umbria during the carnival season, a timeless classic. They come in many sizes and shapes, and the recipes vary. I got this particular recipe from my mother, who got it from my [...]

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La fiorita


A recipe based on fagiolinas and Trasimeno lake fish, the flavours of Umbria’s great culinary tradition. Ingredients to serve 8-10: 500g of carpa regina roe, 1.5kg turnips, 400g fagiolina, 1 large onion, a shallot, 4 cloves of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, a half to whole glass of tart white wine, the juice of [...]

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Anguilla’s sauce


A main course or sauce for a pasta dish? A sauce with a distinct and pleasing flavour typical of the Lake Trasimeno region, with a unique story. A recipe with roots in the territory. A recipe which, in the past, had a range of variations. Other types of fish were even sometimes used depending on [...]

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Fave dei Morti Umbre


Fave dei Morti, literally translated “Fava beans of the Dead,”  are simple and tasty almond biscuits made by many in Perugia to commemorate All Saints Day. They are still popular today, sold in the days leading up to the end of October in many bakeries all over Umbria. Reliable sources claim these cookies originated [...]

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Torciglione del Trasimeno


Torciglione del Trasimeno is a simple baked almond delicacy that is traditionally made in Umbria during the Christmas holiday season.  There are a variety of different recipes, each with a different twist. The origins of this dessert, which is served in the shape of a coil, probably dates back to the Middle Ages and legend [...]

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